Furniture Sales

Breathe a sigh of relief, because we are low pressure and down to earth at TVOI. Offering a wide range of new furniture lines designed to fill any business niche, our prices cannot be beat. Our adjacent store, Nu2u Quality Used Office Furniture, sells quality pre-owned and used furniture at a much lower cost than new. Firms that are moving or restructuring often get rid of furniture that’s just as good as new, at significantly reduced prices. Our sales team can configure any space using both new and used furniture, maximizing savings and creating an efficient and productive work environment.

Furniture Sales. It’s what we do. Our job is to maximize savings while creating an efficient and productive work environment. With the customer in mind, TVOI has carefully assembled more than 70 quality vendors, with many that offer quick shipping and are GSA contract. With a wide variety of offerings, we can meet your project needs on your budget and timeframe.
No need for new? No problem. Nu2u is housed under the same roof as TVOI and offers commercial grade pre-owned and used office furniture. Our ever changing stock is in a warehouse filled with desks, workstations, seating, bookcases, filing, conference tables and more. Check out our Nu2u stock here. 
Nu2u will buy your commercial grade office furniture. If you are planning to purchase new but aren’t sure what to do with your existing commercial grade office furniture, we can help with that. Or maybe you are looking to eliminate some pieces, we can help with that too. After we evaluate your furniture, we’ll let you know the value and then you can either apply that towards a new furniture purchase or we’ll give you the cash.
Creativity. Performance. Sustainable. These are some of the words that come to mind courtesy of NxtWall Wall Systems. With reversible doors and door frames, NxtWall walls can accommodate any design layout. The architectural walls are functional, quick and easy to install, and designed to change to offer flexibility for your workspace. NxtWall is a simple yet cost-effective solution to create private offices and conference rooms at a low price and with tax savings. NxtWall products support LEED building designs, are 100% recyclable and are thus an Eco friendly option.
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We help companies with workspace transition and expansion, whether it’s installing a new workstation or an entirely new office system. We receive, deliver, stage and install furniture for all types of business whether large or small.

TVOI works closely with all of its clients to ensure that every assembly and installation job we schedule is executed in a timely and professional manner. Our furniture installers are fully insured and have extensive experience building a wide range of product types from various system manufacturers. Not only will our installers interpret floor plan designs and make on-site plan adjustments in order to accommodate for building irregularities or last minute changes, they will also transport your items to their destination and unload them according to the plan so you can begin operations at your new location immediately.

Moving Services

We move products and furniture internally and externally to meet requirements driven by changes in your facility, organization structure or workforce. We reconfigure and add to furniture as needed. To help manage your furniture assets, TVOI will perform an on-site office furniture inventory audit. We’ll re-install existing furniture and, if needed, deliver and install new. We also assist in disposal of outdated or unusable product. From moving just one office or a whole company, let us know how we can be of service.

Clean Out

Let us take care of the details when you leave your office space. We’ll leave it clean and ready for the next tenant. We can help companies that are in need of a full service business. We knock down existing furniture, re-install, or add new and dispose of old furniture no longer needed. We’ll even dispose of old files and leftover furniture during a final clean-up. Our final step is cleaning the space, and leaving the interiors move-in ready for the next occupant. All this done in a cost effective.

Interior Design

Designing a new workspace can be difficult and overwhelming. From vision to the final space, our Interior Designers provide comprehensive services to make the process easy for you.

Whether your corporate style is team oriented or more individual, we will create an office design that fits your needs. Our team has in-depth knowledge of all major furniture manufacturers, so you’re guaranteed choice in your new furniture style. We study the floor plans of your destination to determine where each item will be placed, then carefully tag each item according to where it will be placed so we can move your items as quickly as possible without interrupting your business.

Space Planning & Office Efficiency

We can create a productive, organized and comfortable work environment for you. Is your current floor plan your most productive floor plan? Or, are you just beginning to look at furniture and don’t know where to begin? Our experienced Interior Design team can assess your new space or re-asses your current layout with an on-site visit and floor plans to reconfigure the best possible space for better employee productivity.

We consider what kind of office design will best suit each client and their working processes.  Ideas such as, should all employees have their own workstation? Or are they going to share desks and work in a more collaborative environment? Would enclosed offices or a more open floor plan be more conducive for your specific line of work? How many and what kind of meeting or touch down spaces would optimize productivity? Let us guide you through the design process and create a space that will work specifically for you.

“…very professional and accommodating to our needs and schedule…”
Michael LaFreniere, American Steel and Aluminum Corporation
“Our experience with your company was very positive due to your employees.”
Cathy Drobny, Hacker & Murphy, LLP
“TVOI is my go-to vendor for all of my office interior needs. I highly recommend them to you.”
Dr. Tom Denham, Careers In Transition LLC
“The desk looks great. I’m getting lots of compliments…sending anyone that asks for a new desk to you.”
Kim Holland, Times Union

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